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Living Text Issue 8 – Winter 2000

front Cover, p.11    Trial of Abraham’s Faith, The
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.03    Adam and Eve Driven Out of Eden
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.03    Gustave Doré: Midrashist of His Time
[essay], Levine, Steven Z.
p.04-07    Last Rebbe of Bialystok, The
[narrative], Levy, Neil M.
p.08-12    Sarah Sees: A Shofar Story
[drama], Strimling, Arthur
p.13-15    Once Upon a Time and Forever: The Rabbi as Storyteller
[essay], Sasso, Sandy
p.14    Expulsion of Ishmael and His Mother, The
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.16-17    Sarah and the Angel
[poetry], Dame, Enid
p.16    Angel Appearing to Joshua, The
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.18-23    Interview with David Curzon
[interview], Hammer, Jill
p.22    Flight of Lot, The
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.24    Snakeskin
[poetry], Walton, Rivkah M.
p.25    The Coat, They Say
[poetry], Walton, Rivkah M.
p.26-28    Creative Risk
[narrative], Goldbard, Arlene
p.27    Deluge, The
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.29-33    Honoring Women of Valor: A Musical Midrash for Our Time
[essay], Clearfield, Andrea
p.30    Jael and Sisera
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.33:    Boaz and Ruth
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.34-36    The Sacrifice: A Commentary on Leviticus 6:5
[narrative], Hammer, Jill
p.35    Cain and Abel Offering Their Sacrifices
[visual art], Doré, Gustave
p.37-38    Making Ritual Garments One’s Own
[excursion], Feuer, Rayzl
p.39    Inside Sodom’s Gates
[exploration], Swartz, Sue
p.40    Abraham Questions
[exploration], Smith, Pete
p.40-41    Love Triangle
[exploration], Hirsch, Marga
p.41-42    Gold and Purple
[exploration], Schick, Melissa
p.43-44    “Pilate’s Wife”
[review], Dame, Enid