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Living Text Issue 5 – Summer 1999

front cover    Sisters and Brothers (exerior view)
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.02-04    Artist’s Statement
[essay], Weisberg, Ruth
p.03    Sisters and Brothers (interior view)
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.04    Struggle, The
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.05    Book, The
[poetry], Reich, Asher
p.06-10    Ancient Roots of Jewish Folk Midrash, The
[essay], Sandberg, Ruth
p.09    Reconcilliation
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.11, 15, 16    Editorial Introduction
[editorial], Hammer, Jill
p.11-14    Two Midrashim
[narrative], Cohen, Aryeh
p.15    Blessings of Yitzhak and Yishmael, The
[narrative], Cohen, Michael M.
p.16    Birthing, The
[narrative], Walton, Rivkah M.
p.17-19    Will You Draw Us Out?
[narrative], Schwartz, Cherie Karo
p.20    Prodigal Daughter
[poetry], Windle, Susan
p.21    Lost Coin, The
[poetry], Windle, Susan
p.22-23    Psalm 27
[music], Zevit, Shawn Israel
p.24-27    Lunch with God
[narrative], Phillips, Susan
p.25    Witness
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.26    Leah and Rachel
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.28-29    Jephthah’s Daughter
[poetry], Dame, Enid
p.30-33    Bibliodrama with Christians, Jews, and Muslims
[essay], Aldebert, Heiner
p.34    Akedah: Modern Midrashim, The
[exploration], Gillman, Neil
p.34-37    Sacrifice of Shelah, The
[exploration], Jacobs, Jill
p.36    Esau
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.37-39    Akeidat haMa’achelet
[exploration], Creditor, Menachem
p.40-42    Storytelling and Midrash
[excursion], Schram, Peninnah
p.41    Struggle: Leah and Rachel
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth
p.43    Review: “Ten Classic Jewish Children’s Stories” by Peninnah Schram
[review], Hammer, Jill
p.44    Review: “Modern Poems on the Bible: An Anthology” ed. & intro. By David Curzon
[review], Hammer, Jill
p.45    Rachel
[visual art], Weisberg, Ruth