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Living Text Issue 1 – Summer 1997

front cover, p.22 You Shall Draw Forth Water in Joy [visual art], Rosenthal, Judy Sirota
p.02-03  What is Midrash? [narrative], Pitzele, Peter A.
p.03   Eau de Vie (Water of Life) [visual art], Goldstein, Ruth
p.03  Water of Life (Eau de Vie) [visual art], Goldstein, Ruth
p.04  Story of Abraham, The [poetry], Ostriker, Alicia Suskin
p.05-11   Rape of Dinah, The [drama], Seltzer, Debra
p.07   Rimon [visual art], Mann, Sara
p.11    Miriam’s Cup [visual art], Hamoy, Carol
p.12-16    New Wine in Old Vessels: Creating Contemporary Midrash [essay], Cohen, Norman J.
p.14    Drawn From The Water [visual art], Grossman, Beth
p.17    Desert Crossing [visual art], Louw, Franciska Rosenthal
p.17-20    Miriam’s Cups (Group Art Exhibition) [review], Haber, Beth
p.18    Whirling Water Cup [visual art], Bluestein, Barbara
p.19    Untitled (Miriam’s Cup) [visual art], Ellis, Andra (Avigayil)
p.20    Next Day She Went Again, The [visual art], Cohen, Mina
p.21-22    Rock, The [narrative], Walton, Rivkah M.
p.23    Leah at the Altar [poetry], Lefkovitz, Lori
p.24-25    When It Was All Over [narrative], Cooper, Paul
p.26-35    Reading the Gospels with Jewish Eyes: A Conversation with the Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong [interview], Moss-Coane, Marty
p.29    And They Came To Miriam’s Well [visual art], Pfleger, Claire
p.32    Vanity of Vanities [visual art], Rubinstein, Rochelle
p.36-39    Running [music], Freed, Judy
p.40-42    Midrashic Moments [excursion], Zevit, Shawn Israel
p.41   Umbrella [visual art], Dash, Janet
p.43    Midrashic Moments from the Book of Ruth [excursion], Zevit, Shawn Israel
p.44    Kindling White Fire [exploration], Rooks, Gaylia R.
p.44-45    Sisera’s Mother: A Letter to My Son [exploration], Adams, Amelia Franklin
p.45    Bathsheba: A Letter to My Son [exploration], Gall-Clayton, Nancy