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Living Text: The Journal of Contemporary Midrash


For eight semi-annual issues (Summer 1997 – Winter 2000), Living Text provided a unique meeting place for educators, clergy, writers and artists engaged with sacred text. Only in these pages have people from across the religious spectrum and from diverse disciplines shared their commitment to a vital engagement with the core texts of religious civilization.

Living Text provides powerful tools for:

  • gaining deeper understanding of sacred text
  • teaching adults or children in both formal and informal settings
  • preparing sermons and divrei Torah
  • creating one’s own response to biblical text in any medium.

Each issue of Living Text presents:

  • the best of contemporary midrashim – narrative, poetry and drama; dance and music; film and visual art;
  • scholarship and discussion about the practice of contemporary midrash and its relationship to classical forms – articles, interviews, roundtables, reviews;
  • useful “Excursions,” how-to articles that are applicable in the classroom or from the pulpit – and insightful “Explorations,” samples from successful workshops.

Capsule Reviews

Read comments by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Rabbi Norman J. Cohen, Blu Greenberg, Arthur Kurzweil, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, and Howard Schwartz.


Availability of Back Issues

Living Text may be found in many major public, academic, seminary and synagogue libraries.

To inquire about obtaining back issues for your institution, please contact us at icmidrash@verizon.net, and include “Living Text – Back Issues” in the subject line.

Limited numbers may be available for a short time.


Forthcoming E-Book Version

ICM is in the process of converting the 8-issue set of Living Text into a single e-book, and will announce its availability upon publication.